We become WE through the work. The work brings us together. It binds us. It makes us a Tribe. If someone will not or cannot do the work, then they will not and cannot become one of us. If someone does not do the work, they hurt us, they hurt the project and ultimately they hurt themselves.

“YES or NO” is the first of many “check-ins” scheduled throughout the semester. It asks students to honestly assess their semester’s workload situation:

  • How many credit hours are they taking? What are their assignments in other courses?
  • How many hours are dedicated to work-study or a part-time job?
  • How many hours are dedicated to extracurricular activities?

Having hung out with us for a couple of weeks and seen how hard we work, it is time for them to ask themselves if they are stretched too thin? Is it the best time in their lives for this class? It is also an opportunity for them to wonder whether or not WE are for them?

“YES or NO” gives students the opportunity for an early exit.


Step 1: Note the last day to drop the class

Step 2: Send email to class a day or two before the drop date (see example below):

We are starting into the third week of the semester. We are only 13 weeks away from Honduras.  This sounds like a lot of time but it is not.  So, I need you to ask yourself the following question before the next class:

“Are you committed?”

Here is my preferred ranking of your replies:

You say “YES”

  • WE go on to do incredible work together

You say “NO”

  • WE shake hands and go on to work together on another project at another time

You say “YES” because you want to but the answer is really “NO”

  • Your produce mediocre work

Think carefully before answering. If your answer is “NO” do not be concerned about leaving us in a difficult situation. We are resilient. If your is answer “YES” we expect great things from you. Do not reply with your answer. Print off the attached form, select your answer, and turn in the form before class on Tuesday. Thanks. – dr H

Step 3: Attach YES/NO Form to email

Step 4: Collect YES/NO forms from Students during the following class period.